About the Avon and Somerset Police Area

The Avon and Somerset Police Area is made up of eight local authorities:

The Avon and Somerset Police Area: South Gloucestershire; Bristol; Bath and North East Somerset; North Somerset; Mendip; Sedgemoor; South Somerset; Somerset West and Taunton


Below are the figures for the total electorate for each local Authority eligible to vote in the 6th May Police and Crime Commissioner Election:

Local Authority Area Electorate on 1 March 2021
(this figure will be updated
on 28 April and 6 May)
Bath & North East Somerset Council --
Bristol City Council --
Mendip District Council --
North Somerset Council --
Sedgemoor District Council --
Somerset West and Taunton Council --
South Gloucestershire Council --
South Somerset District Council --
Avon and Somerset Electorate --